With two studio albums, two mixtapes, two headlining tours, and even a Grammy nomination under his belt, rapper and producer Travis Scott has an enviable net worth. But it’s chump change alongside the net worth of his girlfriend and soon-to-be baby mama, Kylie Jenner.

The Houston-born musician got his big break in 2012 when he signed as an artist with Epic Records and a producer with GOOD Music. (Coincidentally, the founder of GOOD is none other than Kanye West, husband of Kylie’s half-sister Kim Kardashian.)


Since then, Travis released two mixtapes — 2013’s Owl Pharaoh and 2014’s Days Before Rodeo — and two studio albums — 2015’s Rodeo and 2016’s Bird in the Trap Sing McKnight, both of which are certified Platinum. He even landed a BET Hip Hop Award for his track “Antidote” and a Grammy nomination for his work on Justin Bieber’s album Purpose.

All that success — both in and out of the recording booth — translates into big dollar signs, of course. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Travis is worth approximately $8 million. Of course, the 25-year-old will be worth a lot more if he and Kylie combine bank accounts. We’re not saying he’s a gold digger, but homegirl is loaded… and she’s five years his junior!


Kylie is worth an estimated $50 million. How did she get so much wealth in only 20 years on this planet? Well, she was born into a wealthy family, of course, but she’s also becoming quite the makeup mogul. Thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, this Hollywood heiress has racked up a reported $40 million in the past 16 months alone. She’s even on track to become a billionaire by the time she’s 30 years old!

Between his net worth and hers, Travis and Kylie’s baby won’t want for anything. In fact, it’s only a matter of time before they shill out millions on a nursery for that incoming bundle of joy!