The ladies on Season 22 of The Bachelor are literally going to wrestle for Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s heart! Arie was very open about the fact that he was looking for a strong, independent woman and he’s putting these ladies to the test on tonight’s episode. Arie brought a handful of ladies on a group date where he pinned them up against each other to see who is the strongest of them all as they formed their own female wrestling group, G.L.O.B — but what does that stand for?

G.L.O.B is an acronym made up by Bachelor host Chris Harrison, and it means “Gorgeous Ladies of the Bachelor,” which is a play on G.L.O.W — a women’s professional wrestling promotion that was started in 1986 which is the basis of the hit Netflix original series, GLOW. When Arie’s ladies got to the ring, Chris revealed that they will be performing in wrestling matches in front of a live audience later that night — but a lot of them were anxious about getting in the ring, especially because a lot of them don’t have any wrestling experience!

“This is not good,” one contestant said during her confessional. “There might be some drama because some of the girls have been at each other’s throats a little bit and now they’ll have an opportunity to actually kill each other.”

But they don’t have to worry because they’ll be learning from the best — G.L.O.W. legends Ursula “Babe the Farmer’s Daughter” Hayden and Angelina “Little Egypt” Altishin are going to be teaching them the ropes, according to ABC. And Bachelor Nation will be in for a major surprise! SPOILER ALERT: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

arie luyendyk jr. kenny king getty

Another special guest for tonight’s episode is professional wrestler Kenny King! Kenny — who competed for Rachel Lindsay’s heart on Season 13 of The Bachelorette — will also give the ladies some tips and he will go up against Arie “The Kissing Bandit” Luyendyk Jr. in the squared circle.

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