At last night’s Country Music Awards, relative newcomer Kacey Musgraves took the saying “Go big or go home” quite literally when she showed up in a ridiculous (and voluminous) hairpiece.

While images of Elvira or Priscilla Presley circa 1968 immediately flashed before our eyes…


…this beast deserves its own category! Let’s dissect her look:


kacey musgraves

Not only is it painfully obvious where the wig begins, but the volume on that thing is OUT. OF. CONTROL. We must commend the hairstylist though for flawlessly matching the color to her real hair.


kacey musgraves

Another thing that’s in need of downsizing. The ones on the upper lids look like mini-caterpillars.


kacey musgraves

The gown is very pretty, but way too boring for someone who’s 26. You’re a country superstar, girl! Get adventurous!

Second Outfit

kacey musgraves

Much better. The hairpiece has been cut in half and this dress is definitely more fun and flirty! Those sequins though…

Tell us in the comments what you thought of Kacey’s overall look!