Model and personality, Stassie Karanikolaou reveals the essentials in her makeup bag — and her secret to those amazing brows to Life & Style.


L&S: When did your interest in beauty start?

SK:  “I feel like I’ve always been interested in beauty! It’s such a fun outlet for me. Whether I’m bored or stressed or have an event coming up, I love to sit and try out new looks.”


L&S: What beauty products do you keep with you at all times?

SK: “I always have a lip liner and gloss, concealer, mascara and a brow kit on me.”


L&S: What’s your best beauty tip, and where did you learn it?

SK: “One of my favorite beauty tips, which one of my makeup artists taught me, is heating up my lash curler a bit before using it! Your lashes will stay curled all day!”

L&S: Try this beauty tip with the Japonesque Power Duo Curler, it amplifies the look of your lashes and keeps them curled all day long.

Japonesque Curler

L&S: Those brows! What is your secret weapon for brow perfection?

SK: “I have an amazing eyebrow brush — Japonesque Angled Brow Definer Brush. It’s so precise, it gives me flawless results. Its triangle tip also lets you build the color for a more natural, but still polished, look.”

japonesque brow

Life & Style editors also recommend the Japonesque Luxe Brow Kit for grooming brows. It holds a scissor, tweezer and spoolie in pouch that can be tossed into any purse or bag for touch ups on the go.

Japonesque Brow Kit

L&S: You do a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube — how did you get so good at them?

SK: I watched a ton of makeup tutorials on YouTube on my own and just kept practicing. Also, whenever I get my makeup done professionally, I love to hold up a mirror so I can watch what they’re doing and I usually ask them questions. I’m always interested in learning new beauty tricks.”


L&S: Smokey eye or cat eye?

SK: “Cat-eye”


L&S: Matte lips or  glossy lips?

SK: “Glossy lips”


L&S: Dark or light-colored nails?

SK: “Light nails”


Some of the must-have items in Stassie’s bag include: