Get crazy, get wild…go home and recoup? As amazing as the Jersey Shore experience may look on-screen, that kind of lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart — you know, the sort of lifestyle where you drink Ron Ron Juice from dusk till dawn, surround yourself with toxic people, and make a fool out of yourself on national television.

Even the most dedicated guido would need a break from that, and as it turns out, that’s exactly what has happened with certain roomies over the years. From Angelina Pivarnick leaving Jersey Shore to Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Vinny Guadagnino, we’re breaking down all of the times cast members said goodbye to their GTL safe space.

When did Angelina leave Jersey Shore?

angelina leaving jersey shore

Um, hello?! First of all, the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island didn’t just leave Jersey Shore once! She left the MTV reality series twice (because she’s extra like that). Angelina first appeared on the show during Season 1 and went home after only three episodes. TBH, the rest of the roomies didn’t mind at all. In fact, to say they were ecstatic to see her go would be putting it mildly. Then, plot twist: Angelina returned to the show during Season 2 in Miami, where once again, she ended up leaving. This time, however, it was after a whopping 10 episodes. She left behind a pair of shoes and a lasting impression J.S. fans will never forget. #DirtyLittleHamsterForever

When did Sammi leave Jersey Shore?

sammi sweetheart leaving jersey shore

While the “sweetest b—h you’ll ever meet” only officially left the house (not show) once, she threatened to leave All. The. Damn. Time. To be fair, living with an erratic meathead as a boyfriend couldn’t have been easy for her, so, we get it. After a particularly heated battle in Season 3 — the one where Ronnie Magro threw all of her belongings on the balcony — Sammi decided to go home and clear her head. She was back fighting with Ron the following episode. However, Miss Sweetheart’s ultimate departure from Jersey Shore was her decision to not partake in the Family Vacation reboot. For anyone wondering why she declined, please see the note above about the erratic meathead.

When did Vinny leave Jersey Shore?

vinny leaving jersey shore

Like Sammi, Vinny didn’t formally leave the Jersey Shore house, but he did take a break. During Season 5, the self-proclaimed Momma’s boy headed back to Staten Island due to a combination of homesickness and anxiety. Thankfully, he returned a couple of episodes later feeling better than ever. He even got a tattoo during his hiatus that read, "Let Go Let God." The roommates had no idea what it meant, but they rolled with it because they were so happy to have him back — especially Pauly "Pauly D" DelVecchio.

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