Anya Taylor-Joy has been extremely private about her marriage to Malcolm McRae, but fans want to know more about him after The Queen’s Gambit star shared rare video and photos from their wedding.

Who Is Anya Taylor-Joy’s Husband Malcolm McRae?

Malcolm, like his wife, is a creative by trade and is primarily known for his career as a musician. He was born in Alabama, before relocating to Los Angeles.

What Does Malcolm McRae Do for a Living?

Malcolm is a member of the rock band called More* alongside former Portugal The Man drummer Kane Ritchotte. He sings as well as playing the guitar and piano. The band has released two EPs but has no upcoming tour dates according to their website.

Anya’s future husband ended up in Los Angeles and meeting up with Kane due to a failed relationship.

“Kane Ritchotte was in the process of preparing his first album as a solo artist when a chance encounter with a newly transplanted Alabamian, Malcolm McRae, derailed his plans. Malcolm had only recently fallen in love with a young woman and followed his foolish heart, dropping everything to move to Los Angeles,” the band’s Spotify profile reads.

“Well, his heart was mistaken. The relationship was a disaster. But the music that followed wasn’t. Within a week of meeting, the two realized that the music they made together transcended what either was doing alone,” it continued.

“Camping out at the legendary Sound City Studios with their producer Tony Berg, they carefully crafted a sonic vocabulary for their shared vision … Each song became an atlas. What emerged in the process were two distinct styles and philosophies. The combination was to bring us something…more,” the bio added.

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Courtesy of Malcolm McRae/ Instagram

Malcolm McRae Has Written Songs About Anya Taylor-Joy.

Meeting The Menu star sparked his creative energy to immediately wrote a song about her. Malcom shared a snippet from a music video via Instagram on March 11, 2022. He wrote in the caption, “I wrote this song for Anya two days after meeting her. It’s called ‘Really Want to See You Again’.

When Did Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae Get Married?

The musician and the Dune: Part II actress tied the knot on April 1, 2022, in a ceremony held in New Orleans. Anya opened up about the nuptials while celebrating their second wedding anniversary, writing, “Two years ago, on April Fools, I secretly married my best friend in New Orleans. The magic of that day is ingrained in every cell of my being, forever. Happy second ( first ) anniversary my love…you’re the coolest.”