Although it might seem like a case for the FBI, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella‘s relationship with their biological dad, Jon Garcia, isn’t all that complicated. They are simply just not that close, and haven’t been ever since he and the girls’ mother, Kathy Colace, separated when Nikki and Brie were very young. The connection Jon has to his twin daughters intensified during the most recent episode of Total Bellas.

The storyline centered around the dilemma of who would walk Nikki down the aisle as her wedding to fiancé, John Cena, was back on. Would it be her brother, JJ? Would it be her sister, Brie? And who exactly is Johnny Laurinaitis on Total Bellas? Because he was in the running as well! The questions are tricky, but ultimately John thought Brie would be the best option.

However, considering the fact that we currently don’t even know if John and Nikki are still together IRL, let’s focus on the relationship the Bella twins have with their biological dad and their mother’s current husband, Johnny.

Who is Johnny on Total Bellas?

Johnny might play the father figure role in the Bella twins’ lives at the moment, but he actually wears a few different hats. Before becoming engaged and marrying their mom, Kathy, in 2016, Johnny was already familiar with Brie, Nikki, and Brie’s husband, Bryan Danielson. Why? Because Johnny has been a member of the wrestling community since 1986 when he started fighting under the name Johnny Ace. He retired from the ring in 2000, but then quickly returned to World Championship Wrestling as the head booker.

In 2001, he was hired by the WWE for a backstage role. It wasn’t until 2006 that Johnny became an on-air character, and then moved up to the role of on-screen General Manager in 2011 for Raw until early 2018. He frequently appears on Total Bellas and has become extremely close with Nikki, Brie, and JJ, but he is not their biological father.


Who is the Bella twins’ dad?

Nikki and Brie’s dad, Jon, is completely estranged from the girls. In 2015, during an episode of Total Divas, Brie briefly hinted at the awkward relationship she has with her biological dad while talking to Bryan on the phone. She said that her dad not only unfollowed her on Instagram, but that he was also having a new baby, and didn’t tell her or Nikki.

Aside from this tidbit, there was another episode where the girls actually tried to air out their problems with their dad, but he hasn’t really been mentioned since then. And during the most recent episode of Total Bellas, Nikki and Brie’s dad wasn’t really even a contender when it came to who would walk Nikki down the aisle. While the status of their relationship is unknown at the moment, the fact that Brie, JJ, and Johnny were considered to walk with Nikki at her wedding before their biological dad, Jon, is very telling.

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Although it seems like Nikki and Brie don’t keep in close contact with their father, they are very proud of their Mexican roots that they got from his side of the family. When Nikki was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars, she told People Chica, “I got to do Mexican authentic folk dancing called folklórico,” she said. “I never knew about this dance and getting to learn how the women move their skirts, the traditions and what it means, I was like ‘OMG, I’m so proud to be a Mexican.'”

She added, “As Latins, we truly celebrate life and family and colors and music and I just love that. It makes me appreciate so much from my Mexican roots. It’s just something so unique.”