There have been so many memorable entrances in the Bachelor franchise over the years — but Leslie Fhima’s TV debut certainly takes the cake! As one of the contestants who was vying for Gerry Turner’s heart on The Golden Bachelor, she definitely made a lasting impression on viewers.

Who Is Leslie Fhima?

Leslie is a former professional figure skater with a passion for dancing. She now works as a personal trainer who loves “helping others live their best lives,” per her ABC bio. As if that’s not impressive enough, Leslie is a former aerobics champion and has participated in 10 marathons.

Spending time at the gym is a huge part of her life, but she is hoping to find “a real man who will enhance her life.” The runner currently lives in Minnesota.

Does Leslie Fhima Have Kids? 

Leslie is a mom to three kids and a grandmother to three grandkids. One look at Leslie’s Instagram account will instantly put a smile on your face. She loves spending time with her grandchildren, making cute dance videos and baking together in the kitchen.

Did Leslie Get the First Impression Rose?

For her entrance during night one of The Golden Bachelor, Leslie pulled off an epic quick change. Gerry was impressed by her cute gimmick and definitely looked smitten! The pair even danced out their nerves in front of the Bachelor mansion, proving that their connection was strong right from the jump.

Later on in the night, the fitness enthusiast and the retiree decide to have a dance party. All of the other contestants jumped in and began showing off their moves. It seemed like Gerry was having a blast with Leslie, who rocked a short black dress for the first night of her journey to find love.

Though they had an awesome time getting to know each other, Leslie did not get the first impression rose. It was Faith Martin who captured Gerry’s attention with her heartfelt song that night.

Did Leslie Fhima Make it to ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Finale?

After connecting with Gerry all season long, Leslie became one of his final two contestants, along with Theresa Nist. The bachelor made the tough decision to send Faith home, although he admitted that he had fallen in love with all three women.

“My head and my logical thinking had brought me to the point where I had three women that I was completely invested in, then my heart had to take over,” Gerry told TheWrap of choosing his finalists. “I had to decide of three women that I genuinely felt love for — I’m not going to deny it. But your heart has to take over and you have to follow that. That’s how I made that decision.”

Did Leslie Fhima Get Sent Home on ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Finale?

In a heartbreaking split, Gerry sent Leslie packing during the finale, admitting that his heart was with Theresa. Leslie, meanwhile, made it clear that the leading man was not on her good side, given the reassurances he had given her throughout the weeks.

After meeting Gerry’s family, the retiree told Leslie to “be happy,” before breaking up with her. “It’s been difficult and I’ve kind of made a decision about how I want to go about this,” he continued. “I have fallen in love with Theresa, and that’s the direction I’m going to take.”

In response, Leslie asked Gerry if everything he said to her in their overnight date was “a complete and utter lie,” before he responded saying that it was his truth at the time. Leslie eventually left, saying that she was “blown away” by his decision.