Lindsey Vonn’s Exes Actually Include Famous Men Not Named Tiger Woods

Luckily, Lindsey Vonn is back to making headlines for her Olympic skiing. (She just took home the bronze in PyeongChang, for example!) We say "luckily" because, for a few years, her relationship with Tiger Woods was all anyone could or would talk about.

The alpine ski racer started dating Tiger in 2013, just three years after he became a major headline maker for cheating on his wife at the time. Eventually, he and Lindsey became gossip fodder last year when nude photos of them leaked online. Even now, she's defensive of her relationship with the disgraced golfer.

"I mean … I was in love," she told Sports Illustrated in January. "I loved him and we're still friends. Sometimes, I wish he would have listened to me a little more, but he's very stubborn and he likes to go his own way. I hope this latest comeback sticks. I hope he goes back to winning tournaments."

Her sister Karin could empathize with Lindsey and Tiger's overexposed relationship. "It was all very public," she explained to the magazine. "It's hard enough to break up with a boyfriend without having to issue a press release about it."

But Tiger was hardly the only well-known guy Lindsey dated (or, at least, reportedly dated). Keep reading to see other famous guys she dated!