Mechie’s relationship with Blac Chyna is coming back to haunt him in a very NSFW way. The R&B singer says he’s Chyna’s partner in the sex tape currently floating around the web. And though he filmed the video himself on her phone back in July, per TMZ, a representative says Mechie never owned a copy of the video and has no idea how it got out.

So who is this accidental XXX star, anyway? Born Demetrius Harris, Mechie aka “Mechie So Crazy” is a Washington D.C. native and a rising hip-hop and R&B star, according to his official website. He started off as a member of the group 4EY The Future but soon started out on a solo career. “Mechie’s alluring personality, great looks, and bad boy style has many wanting to hear more from the performer,” the website touts. “Releasing his highly anticipated debut EP at the top of 2018, he’s definitely one to keep on the radar.”

You may remember the singer from the slightly-less-NSFW video Rob Kardashian posted in 2017 to prove Chyna’s infidelity. Chy started dating Mechie after her breakup with Rob — and he even got her initials tattooed behind his ear — but she and Mechie broke up in August, only a few months later.

Walter Mosley, one of Chyna’s attorneys, said the release of this Chyna-Mechie sex tape is “just another attack against a woman” and revealed the reality star will be seeking the police’s help investigating the leak.

“There’s not enough information right now to even know what happened,” he previously told People. “An anonymous source posted a tape — could be from an ex-boyfriend, or stolen, someone texting it to someone else. It’s upsetting and troubling. After that Rob thing, she’s become a big target. It’s a sad time.”

And Lisa Bloom, another of her attorneys, described revenge porn on Twitter on Feb. 19. “Revenge porn — posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images — is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse,” she wrote. “It’s also a way to try to slut-shame women for being sexual. Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It’s not a joke.”

Though Chyna and Techie clearly have ambitions of fame, we doubt a sex tape leak was ever in either one’s game plan.