Bravo’s reality show Summer House tends to have romance drama, but series star Paige DeSorbo seems to be going steady with her boyfriend, Craig Conover. The two had a solid friendship for a few years prior to officially starting their relationship. Not only that, but they’re both Bravo reality stars, with Craig starring on Southern Charm.

Keep reading to learn more about Paige and Craig’s relationship.

Paige DeSorbo Met Craig When She Was in a Past Relationship

“I met Craig, actually, three years ago and he was single,” Paige told Us Weekly in October 2021. “I had a boyfriend and I absolutely respected that I was in a relationship.” 

At the time of their first interaction, Paige was still dating Perry Rahbar after meeting him in 2019 during season 5 of Summer House. By the end of 2020, she and Perry broke up. 


Not only that, but Craig too was in a relationship with someone else: Natalie Hegnauer. So, he and Paige developed a friendship in 2021 upon filming Winter House

“When we got to Vermont, I didn’t know he had a girlfriend,” Paige added to Us Weekly. “So, I was a little bummed when I first got there. But, of course, he was absolutely respectful to his girlfriend. And I’m so happy now looking back that he had a girlfriend because we built just a very platonic friendship, which is, like, the base of our relationship now. Everything really does happen for a reason.”

By May 2021, Craig revealed he was single, and he and Paige were in a formal relationship by the fall of that year.

Paige DeSorbo Said She and Craig ‘Love Long Distance’ 

Since the couple must balance their work lives, Paige noted to Us Weekly in the same interview that they solidified their connection by being the “independent” people that they are while still having “so much going on during the week.” 

“We actually love long distance,” Paige revealed. “When we get, like, Monday through Friday to get all of our things done and then I hop on a plane Friday morning, it’s fun.” 

She then explained how the distance helps them cherish their time together. 

“I feel like we’re more present with each other when we are together,” she said. “We’re not on our phones and we plan and do fun things.”

Paige and Craig Are Instagram Official

By the time December 2021 rolled around, Paige took it upon herself to show the world how happy she was with her newfound love. Just one week before Christmas, the Winter House star uploaded a sweet photo to Instagram of Craig kissing the top of her head as the two were surrounded by metallic silver and white balloons. 

“Sew in love,” she captioned the image on December 19. Even her Summer House costar Amanda Batula expressed her support for the duo, commenting, “obsessed” in response to the stylish post.