Ziggy Krassenberg has impressed the judges and viewers on season 22 of American Idol and fans want to know where he’s from, what other shows he’s been on and more.

Where Is American Idol’s Ziggy Krassenberg From?

Ziggy came to American Idol from the Netherlands. “Ever since I was born, I always wanted to be a pop star,” he said during his Idol audition. “That’s my dream.” However, he added, “I think the Netherlands is too small for a guy like me. That’s why I had to come to America to show the world what I can do.” 

Who Is American Idol’s Ziggy Krassenberg?

Ziggy refers to himself as an “artist, influencer and content creator” on LinkedIn, where his job title is listed as a “professional singer” since 2017. He has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and shares original music and covers on his social media pages. 

who is ziggy krassenberg on american idol season 22

“I have been working in music since 2017, and in recent years I have taken my career to a professional level,” his LinkedIn bio says. “This has increased my reach on social media. You can contact me for live performances, collaborations, etc.”

What Shows Has ‘American Idol’ Contestant Ziggy Krassenberg Been On?

American Idol is not Ziggy’s first foray into reality television. He competed on the Dutch version of the singing competition when he was 15 years old but did not make it past the audition round.

In 2019, he was on Holland’s version of The Voice. After getting a four-chair turn, Ziggy advanced to the knockout rounds before he was eliminated. 

Ziggy also competed on season one of Prime Video’s Good Luck Guys in 2023. He won the show with Quinn Bezemer. “I can finally say that Quinn and I won season 1 of Good Luck Guys,” Ziggy wrote on Instagram after the finale aired. “I am so very proud of us both, we have been through a lot together and fought very hard for our place!”

Additionally, Ziggy has appeared on four episodes of The Real Housewives of Amsterdam, according to his IMDb page. “I’ve done a lot of TV shows [at home],” he told the American Idol judges. “I am [a big personality] but not the most likable person. In the Netherlands, people call me a cotton candy who can’t do anything.”

Who Are American Idol’s Ziggy Krassenberg’s Parents?

Ziggy does not have a relationship with his parents. During his American Idol audition, he told the judges that his mom was a drug addict so he “didn’t see her” when he was growing up. He also referred to his relationship with his dad as “complicated,” adding, “He passed away last year, but we were good sometimes.”

When Katy Perry asked Ziggy who raised him, he replied, “I raised myself.”