Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant appeared to find love on Bachelor in Paradise season 9, getting engaged in the finale and seemingly running into the sunset together. However, just a week after their engagement was featured on the show, the two called it quits.

Why Did Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant Split?

Neither Eliza or Aaron have given specific reasoning behind their split, but Aaron released a statement at the time.

“I want to thank our family, friends, and Bachelor Nation for all their support not just through the Paradise journey but after as well. Trick emotions watching it all unfold but unfortunately me and @elizaisichei’s love story has come to an end” Aaron, 30, wrote via Instagram Stories on Monday, December 11. “We’re leading our amicable split with nothing but positivity and mutual respect for one another. Thank you all.”

Eliza has yet to publicly address the split.

What Challenges Did Eliza and Aaron Face on ‘BiP’?

Fans watched Eliza and Aaron face several ups and downs during their time on the beach.

After they both tried dating other people, Eliza and Aaron decided they wanted to pursue a relationship with each other. However, they faced their biggest obstacle when Eliza learned that Aaron allegedly had a girlfriend when he competed for Charity Lawson heart of season 20 of The Bachelorette.

After she spoke to Charity about the claims, Aaron denied the allegations when Eliza confronted him about the situation. “I had an ex last year,” he explained at the time. “We broke up in August right before her birthday because of the toxicity in our relationship. She’s been trying to put my name out there because she thinks that I broke up with her to go on the show when the truth is I had not been talking to her since August. I got the call in December.”

After he ended the relationship with the ex in question, Aaron said he began another romance that ended in October.

“She stopped seeing me a couple times. So, it was kind of, like, on and off — not really, like, official boyfriend and girlfriend. But she decided to end things over text with me two days after New Year’s, and that was in January,” he noted. “So, the fact that she says that I broke up with her to go on the show and that I had two girlfriends at once is just zero percent true.”

Did Aaron and Eliza Get Engaged on ‘BiP’?

Aaron and Eliza managed to move on from the situation and became exclusive on the beach. They even professed their love for each other before he got down on one knee during the December 7 episode.

“From your beautiful skin to your elegant walk, to my favorite smile, I love everything about you Eliza. You’re the most beautiful part of Paradise for me. I know I have these feelings for you because I pay attention to every little thing you do,” Aaron told her during the proposal. “We went through so much. Couples shouldn’t last that, honestly, but we found a way to choose each other and choose faith in one another. I’m so happy right now to be standing here with you and to talk about the future as well.”

It’s Over! Bachelor in Paradise's Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant End Engagement

He then revealed he spoke to her mother before the proposal, sharing that she was “very proud” of Eliza.

While Eliza agreed to marry Aaron, the episode concluded by hinting that there was trouble in paradise for the couple following their engagement.

Both Aaron and Eliza continued to fuel split speculation when they didn’t post about their engagement on social media after the finale aired.