She’s graduating. Fans were saddened to learn Reneé Rapp is leaving Sex Life of College Girls after season 3. After avid viewers grasped the shocking news, they wondered what led to her exit. Keep reading to find out why Reneé left Sex Life of College Girls and what she’s doing next in her career.

Why Is Renee Rapp Leaving ‘Sex Life of College Girls’?

Reneé’s exit from the show went public after Variety broke the news on July 10.

Although the North Carolina native’s character, Leighton Murray, will have a recurring role during the upcoming third season, she will not return thereafter.

It’s unknown why she departed from the show, which features costars Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur and Alyah Chanelle Scott, but Reneé addressed the news hours after it went public.

hy Is Renee Rapp Leaving 'College Girls'? Season 3 Exit
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“College girls moved me out to L.A. and introduced me to some of my favorite people. Two and a half years later — it’s given me y’all and this community. Thank u Mindy [Kaling], Justin [Noble] and everyone at Max for believing in me. A lot of queer work gets belittled — but playing Leighton has changed my life,” she wrote via Instagram Stories. “I love who I am 10x more than I did before knowing her. I hope she gave y’all a little bit of that too. She’s such a tiny part of representation but even the tiny parts count. I wouldn’t be half the person I am without her and y’all. I love that bitch more than you know. I’m so excited for this season and I can’t wait for you to see what we have coming for her and the girls.”

What Are Renee Rapp’s Plans After Her Exit?

The entertainer has a lot going on in her career at the moment. In December 2022, Reneé landed the lead as Y2K legend Cady Heron in the upcoming Mean Girls musical movie, ​The multi-talented artist is seemingly filming ​as of publication, as the film is scheduled to release in early 2024.

In addition to her ~fetch~ new role, Reneé has made major moves in her music career. The Jimmy Award winner signed with Interscope Records in 2022 and released her EP Everything to Everyone that November.

“My career started in this city. people took a big f–king chance on me here. I started meeting you guys here at the mean girls stage door on 52nd [sic,]” she wrote via Instagram at the time, alongside a photo of her on a digital Billboard the day of her album’s release. “I lost my s–t in taxis and I cried in studios. new york started my entire career. we’ve come a long way, holy s–t [sic].”

Reneé is set to release her debut album, Snow Angel, in August and embark on her first international tour the following month.