If you were mindlessly scrolling through Instagram at just the right moment, you may have seen a very unexpected face on your feed. For a brief few moments, Meghan Markle‘s once-deleted Instagram account was reactivated. This came as a shock considering the account was deleted after she married Prince Harry. So, why was the Duchess of Sussex back on social media? There’s actually a very simple explanation.

With a quick glance at her profile, we were reminded of who Meghan was before she became royalty. Her bio read, “UN. World Vision. One Young World. Suits. The Tig” and she still had three million loyal followers (very impressive for an inactive account). Sadly, this was not the Duchess’ grand reboot back on social media, it was simply a system error.

Royal reporter, Omid Scobie, cleared things up for users on Twitter. He explained, “For those of you asking, Duchess Meghan is not making a return to Instagram. You can blame a system glitch for her account resurfacing on the app this morning.” Sigh.

This isn’t exactly surprising considering that no specific member of the royal family is on social media. Anything that needs to be conveyed to the public goes through the Kensington Palace accounts. However, it doesn’t sound like Meghan is missing much.

Meghan Markle Instagram account
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Back in October during a trip to Sydney, Meghan said it was “freeing” not being tied to checking her notifications. Bondi Beach local, Jessina Oakes, claimed that she and the Duchess chatted about the pressures social media puts on young people and how their self-esteem can be tied to their follower count.

“She said a really beautiful quote,” Jessica gushed to The Independent. “She said: ‘Flattery and criticism run through the same filter.’ She said it was very freeing that she no longer has social media.” So wise, Meghan.

Meghan is definitely not coming back to Instagram any time soon, but it seems like she likes it that way.

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