Talk about girl power! Pop stars J. Lo and Shakira brought down the house during the 2020 Super Bowl LIV halftime show — and needless to say, we expected nothing less from two boss babes who can sing and dance their little hearts out. Jennifer, 51, performed her hits “Jenny From the Block,” “Get Right,” I’m Real,” and “Waiting For Tonight,” while the 43-year-old blonde brought us back into her world with her songs “Whenever, Wherever,” “She Wolf” and “Hips Don’t Lie.”

The blonde beauty came on first and looked stunning in a gorgeous red outfit. She even did some dancing with ropes and crowd-surfed! All in all, it was super sexy. Jen came on next and wore a stunning leather bodysuit before seamlessly transitioning with a costume change, showing off her pole-dancing skills at one point. Talk about hot.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl LIV Half Time

J Balvin and Bad Bunny were also part of the performance, tying the whole thing together. Jen’s daughter, Emme, also had a starring role in the song “Let’s Get Loud” — so cute. Finally, to close out the show, J. Lo and Shakira sung “Waka Waka” together, with the Colombian starlet in a second gold outfit.

It’s no secret that we’ve been waiting for this moment for some time now. Back in September, Jen announced she would be performing at the annual sporting event — and everyone basically lost it. “This is happening,” she wrote on Instagram at the time, adding a globe emoji. “02.02.20.” Shortly afterward, she made a second post revealing that the Colombian starlet would be joining her on the halftime stage.

Undoubtedly, this kind of high-octane performance requires a ton of training — both musically and physically. An insider told Life & Style exclusively that Jen’s “life revolves around exercise,” which really isn’t a surprise once you look at her bangin’ bod. “J. Lo easily spends more hours at the gym every day than she does anywhere else, including her home, and she’d spend more time there if she had it,” they dished back in March 2019.

As for Shakira, well, she trained hard for the event as well. “Every day is different,” her personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, told LS exclusively in mid-January. “For instance, today she has a really long day of dance rehearsals. She started the day with a short strength workout because that’s all she could fit in, and she’s going to be really active all throughout the day so we don’t want her to be too tired.”

It seems as though the starlet has been all dance … and keeping that heart-rate up. “Yesterday, we did a longer strength workout — pure strength — because she also had dance rehearsals, but it was later in the day, so we had more time,” the trainer added. “The day before, we did a dance interval workout that we really got the full hour and a half craziness in and she got the extra cardio that she needed to focus on the music production.”

Clearly, both of these babes totally killed it. Congrats, ladies — you were more fun than the game itself!