Are prison pre-games a thing now? According to Abby Lee Miller, they are! The former Dance Moms star exclusively revealed to Life & Style that she threw a party before heading to prison to serve her 366-day sentence.

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“I have friends coming in from out of town, so we’re going to party," she told Life & Style. “I’m looking forward to concentrating on me a little bit."

While partying before getting locked up may seem unconventional to some, it seems to have helped clear Abby's mind before her incarceration. She also mentioned that she spoke and consulted with prison experts for advice and is ultimately feeling optimistic about her future.

"I wanted to stay busy these last few days,” she said. "Mentally, I’m OK because I’m busy." She added that she's “swimming, swimming, swimming — being outdoors." It's a good thing the 50-year-old is trying to stay positive, because apparently, she's already made some enemies behind bars.

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“From what I am hearing, Abby is bat s–t beside herself,” a source revealed. “When she came in, the [Bureau of Prisons] turned the email and phones off until 7 p.m. and that made all of the other women very, very angry! They could not call or communicate with their loved ones and were flipping out. Although it wasn't Abby's fault, she is already making some serious enemies on the inside."

Before starting her sentence, the choreographer said, "I think if I didn't have a sense of humor and I couldn't crack some jokes now and then I would have already gone insane." We hope she still feels the same way!