It’s been nearly 10 years since the first episode of Jersey Shore premiered on MTV — and with the highly-regarded Jersey Shore Family Vacation currently racking in a ton of viewership, fans are finding themselves with some not-so-familiar faces on their TV screens. Meaning, not all of Jersey Shore’s cast members — specifically Angelina Pivarnick — look the same! Has Angelina turned to plastic surgery in recent years for her lips and a boob job, or is it just natural aging?

The sassy brunette, who coined the nickname “dirty little hamster” from The Situation, made her slated appearance on the reality reboot earlier this season, so we decided to uncover a little bit about who Angelina from Jersey Shore is now. Seeing as it’s been approximately eight years since Angelina was on Jersey Shore Season 2, there’s no question her appearance has changed since the last time we saw her. And now, in an interview with Life & Style, the star exclusively revealed that she recently got her breasts done!

“I was very insecure with my body because of my weight loss from the first two seasons of Jersey Shore,” Angelina said. “I worked hard on my body and I realized my breasts were sagging tremendously. I knew I had to do something to change how insecure I was, so I messaged Nicole [Polizzi’s] plastic surgeon, Dr. Tutela. I call him ‘hands of a god,’ he helped me in such a big way. Now I am happy with my body. I say if a woman wants to get plastic surgery, go for it. I strongly love my new look.”

But experts believe Angelina has had more work done than just a boob job. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Vartan Mardirossian — who has never treated Angelina personally — the 31-year-old’s face may not be as natural as people think. The doctor thinks she could have gotten “Botox to [the] forehead and around [the] eyes,” as well as some “filler to [the] cheeks and lips.” He also added that the Staten Island native may have even undergone a “possible rhinoplasty prior to [her time on Jersey Shore].”

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Angelina in 2010 (left) and 2016 (right).

On the other hand, Dr. Andrew J. Miller — who has also never treated the reality star — isn’t convinced she’s had much plastic surgery on her face. “I don’t see much there. Her eyebrows are thicker, and she has aged a bit, but nothing obvious,” he exclusively told Life & Style. “Possibly some lip filler because her upper lip is a little bigger,” he added.

However, Angelina previously revealed to In Touch that she had indeed gotten her lips done.

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Today, Angelina works as a New York Fire Department EMT. She got engaged to her boyfriend Chris Larangeira in January, and just recently gushed about him on Instagram. “Not having to question someone’s loyalty and honesty is one of the most freeing feelings in the world and I’m grateful for everyone in my life who brings me that peace,” the star wrote on May 17. “Thank you for this @chrisepiss_e #betterlife #happy #neverfeltsofree #happiness #selfworth #thankyou #thebest.”

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