We have a situation! With fans continuing to seethe over the various storylines on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that include infidelity — namely Ronnie cheating on his then-pregnant girlfriend with some random French girl and Vinny crossing the line with a stripper — we decided to take a look back to investigate perhaps one of the biggest unsolved Jersey Shore hookup mysteries of all time: Did Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi cheat on Jionni LaValle with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino?

During the fourth season of the hit reality TV series, the beloved GTL gang traveled to Florence, Italy. In what was supposed to be a vacation full of art, culture, and authentic pizza, turned into an all out battle royale between Snooki and Mike — Every. Single. Episode.

And so the story goes…The Situation adamantly claimed that he and Snooki hooked up two months prior to filming in Italy. He clarified, however, that while the two didn’t have sex, Snooki did provide him with a certain “favor.”

At that point, the now mother-of-two had been dating Jionni for a little over a year and vehemently denied that she and Sitch got together. So much so, that it culminated in a seriously epic reality TV brawl. Watch the tension come to a head in the MTV throwback clip below.

Shortly following that blowout — and not the Pauly D kind — Snooks was completely done with Mike. Even though Sitch continued to play the villain by instigating more arguments with Snooki, nothing stuck. Though, she did launch a wine bottle at his head during the episode “Damage is Done.”

did snooki cheat on jionni?

Their friendship was over and their alleged hookup remained a mystery. While the two are on good terms today, The Situation did confirm to Life & Style that he didn’t speak with his castmate for several years after the show wrapped.

“There was definitely a period of time where there was resentment, most likely on her side. On my side, I was willing to let bygones be bygones,” he said. “We’re on a reality show, stuff happens. This is kind of what we’re supposed to do. At the end of the day, I’ve got nothing but love for [her].”

Considering Snooki and Jionni are happier than ever and Mike has a beautiful fiancée, Lauren Pesce, it’s clear everyone involved has put the whole ordeal behind them. Jionni even encouraged Nicole to join the reboot!

Speaking with Life & Style, Snooki said, “Jionni was like, ‘get it, girl. Support your family. Do what you gotta do, just help me with the kids.’ Before I left, I laid out all my daughter’s clothes. I tried to help him as much as possible but he was like, ‘go get it for us!'”

In the seven years following the accusation, neither Nicole nor Sitch has reneged on their story. They’ve simply moved on. We guess this is just one of those Jersey Shore mysteries that will remain buried under the Seaside Heights boardwalk.