MTV's Jersey Shore Family Vacation has us walking down memory lane — or, should we say, the Seaside Heights boardwalk — thinking about all our favorite people from the original Jersey Shore run. We've already caught up with Paula, Ramona, Arvin, Danielle the Stalker, the Situation's sister… and now it's time we check in with Antonio Giaimo, uncle of Vinny Guadagnino. So where is Jersey Shore's "Uncle Nino" now? Is he still hopping into hot tubs with Snooki and JWoww?

We actually got our answer during Season 1 of Family Vacation. Fans saw Uncle Nino meet Vinny's girlfriend, Elicea Shyann, as they sat down to dinner in Staten Island. (She and Vinny have since split.) But Uncle Nino was also featured in an episode when he accompanied Vinny's mom Paula for a brief trip to Miami to enjoy a good, home-cooked meal as a family with Vinny and his co-stars.

But other than that brief reappearance, it's hard to track down many more details on Nino! He did milk his 15 minutes of fame by appearing on the Jersey Shore spin-off The Show With Vinny in 2013, breaking bread with celebs such as Kesha, Mark Wahlberg, and Lil Wayne. ("Out of all the guests … the nuttiest was Scott Disick," he told MTV News. "He gave me some s–t, then I gave it right back to him.")

And apparently, Uncle Nino loved the attention. "The funniest part is that from Jersey Shore, a couple people ask them for pictures here and there and Uncle Nino's like, 'I love it, it's great,'" Vinny told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. "I can't wait until this show blows up and then he can't even leave his house and people are bothering him. I can't wait."

If @RealUncleNino is the actual Twitter account for this "Original Guido," he says he's available for appearances at events. Other than that, @RealUncleNino mostly tweets to make observations about the Mets, to pay tribute to dead celebrities, and to wish his followers happy holidays. And if @ninogiaimo is his legit Instagram handle, he has a tight relationship with his son, whom he calls his "handsome, dream son."

But as we saw during Family Vacation, Uncle Nino still downing vino and making slurred declarations. Remember what Vinny once said: "You can't understand my Uncle Nino when he talks, but five seconds later, you catch the last two words of what he's saying and it all sinks in." Cheers to you, Nino!