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Snooki and Deena’s “Meatball Problems” on ‘Jersey Shore’ Are Deeply Concerning

When Deena Cortese was tacked onto the Jersey Shore franchise circa Season 3, we were left searching hard for a reason why beyond "Welp, someone's gotta replace Angelina Staten Island." Turns out, Deena was there to amp up BFF Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's bad behavior and mask it as "Meatball Problems." Oh yes, we've witnessed the lows and…mostly lows of Snooki and Deena's meatball problems throughout the years. And in the past, their Meatball antics came across as oh-so-silly. Look at these tiny, round, orange people get into all sorts of hijinks! So wild! So fun! But now that we're older and wiser and they're older and…older, we're starting to realize something. These "Meatball Problems" actually just seem like, uh, serious problems.

And look, even though it was often sold as "cutesy drunken antics by little people" on the show, we see with sober eyes that this behavior was always seriously questionable. Jersey Shore Family Vacation just adds another layer of concern onto the bizarre celebations of meatball problems, of two women making a sloshy spectacle of themselves in their 30s…and occaisionally, endangering others in the process. Scroll down to see the disturbing (or just loudly annoying) side of Deena and Snooki's "Meatball Problems."