Anne Hathaway may attend a ton of high-list events, but once she goes home, she keeps her family life out of the spotlight. So, it sometimes comes as a shock to fans when they find out that the Oscar-winning actress is a mother of two with husband Adam Shulman.

“It doesn’t even occur to me to link the two [of her worlds] up, except through gratitude that they serve each other so beautifully,” Anne told Porter in November 2023. “But they serve each other through me, and not through a space that’s outside of myself.”

Amid the buzz about the actress’ 2024 movie The Idea of You, fans want to know more about her children.

Anne Hathaway’s Eldest Son Jonathan

The Devil Wears Prada star gave birth to her first child on March 24, 2016. The following year, Anne recalled the moment she almost accidentally injured Jonathan, whom she calls Johnny, during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Anne explained that she saw kids slowly going down a slide in NYC, so she decided to take her son on the playground for a little supervised fun.

“But what I hadn’t thought about was physics. So, you have a 35 pound child going down, it’s one speed, you have me and my son, it’s like … not 35 lbs., so we just go around the corner and instead of slowing down like the other kids, we speed up,” she said. “And as it speeds up, my thoughts slow down, and I just look ahead and I get very serious and very focused and I think, ‘I must stick this landing.’ Stuck it. Stuck that landing. And you know how it is when you’ve just almost killed your child but you didn’t? You’re shaking on the inside, you’re like, ‘Walk it off, walk it off, everything’s fine.’ And then we went back to the swings and stayed there forever.”

Anne Hathaway’s Youngest Son Jack

The Idea of You actress announced her pregnancy with baby No. 2 via Instagram alongside a full-length mirror photo of her growing belly.

“It’s not for a movie…⁣⁣ #2⁣,” she wrote in July 2019. “⁣All kidding aside, for everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies. Sending you extra love.”

Anne Hathaway Kids: Her 2 Sons With Husband Adam Shulman
Courtesy of Anne Hathaway/ Instagram

Although she shared the news of her pregnancy, unlike her first time around, Anne has kept Jack’s birthday under wraps. That being said, she gave fans a rough estimate of his age during an October 2020 appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

“Now, I have a beautiful almost-11-month-old boy, but I was pregnant when I made The Witches, so technically he’s all over that performance,” she told cohosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. “Now Jack’s big enough to wrestle with, and that’s brought a new element to their relationship that’s really cute.”

In September 2023, she also opened up about recovering from her second pregnancy. “People don’t talk about this and it really made me feel better when I found out about it,” she told People. “It takes three years for your body to fully recover from a pregnancy. I didn’t snap back. I want to [be] very, very clear about that. With my second, it took every minute of those three years. And it’s cool. Let your body be a body. There’s nowhere to get to. It’s just now. Just be present and take care of yourself and don’t set expectations.”

Why Is Anne Hathaway so Private About Her Kids?

“It’s something I feel is not just essential for my health – I’m on a team, it’s my family, and it’s not just about me,” she explained in November 2023. “My family has needs, and one of the needs of children is that they need to be able to define their own lives.”

However, the kids are always at the forefront of Anne’s mind when it comes to her work. “I have to say, the ‘kids’ thing has been the biggest shift,” she admitted in 2022. “That’s kind of reprioritized everything, so it’s actually made me a big choosier [with projects] because something really has to be so excellent to spend time away from them because they’re so precious to me. They’re the most sacred part of my life by a long shot. And then when I do accept something, it puts greater pressure on me to make it worth the time I’ve spent away from them.”