The mommy-shamers are buzzing, y’all! April Love Geary, who is married to singer Robin Thicke, came under major attack after feeding her 16-month-old daughter, Mia Love, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. “Mondays,” the model, 25, captioned an Instagram video of her little one chowing down.

Within minutes of posting, hundreds of people began to question April’s parenting choices. “This proves why immature minds shouldn’t raise children. But then again, you didn’t really get pregnant because you wanted to raise a child, did you, April?” one user commented, along with the hashtag “had to keep him somehow.” 

“Those Cheetos are beyond toxic … she’s just a child! Go read a parenting book,” added another, while someone else wrote,“She’s so beautiful! You need to stop feeding this GMO to your baby girl.” Instead of letting the negativity get the best of her, however, April decided to clap back. “We’re here for a good time, not a long time,” she responded to the haters. Solid use of a Drake lyric, lady!

April Love Geary's Daughter Mia Love
Courtesy of April Love Geary/Instagram

As it happens, a handful of followers chimed in to defend Mia’s snack. “And she’s not even phased! These moms need to get out of here,” one person wrote. “Y’all, stop acting like you don’t watch your child eat chips and other junk food,” echoed another, while someone else added, “She loves hot Cheetos … awesome!”

Last but certainly not least, April took to her Instagram Story to share an adorable photo of Mia wearing a shirt that read, “I asked for snacks not opinions.” Girl, us too. “Mia when she heard everyone freaking out about her Cheetos,” the caption read.

We hope that all of this fuss hasn’t lessened Mia’s love of Cheetos. Keep living your best life.

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