Have you forgotten just how powerful self-love is? No worries, Ariel Winter is here to remind us all! “I think it’s really important for kids to take care of themselves and make that a priority,” the longtime Modern Family starlet, 21, told Entertainment Tonight on Saturday, November 2. 

“You can take care of yourself and not be selfish. You can make sure to prioritize how you feel. I think that’s something I [hadn’t done] for a very long time and I’m doing that now and [it] feels great,” Ariel expressed, adding nowadays, she exercises regularly and attends “therapy every week.”

Ariel Winter Posing on the Red Carpet, Ariel Winter Discusses the Importance of Mental and Physical Health
Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

“We only get one life and you’ve gotta live your own, you’ve gotta do as much as you can to make sure you’re feeling healthy mentally and physically and that’s something that I’m doing a lot more of now and it’s nice,” Ariel continued. The sitcom actress went on to admit that since switching medications in April, her fitness progress is better than ever.

“I couldn’t see any results before because I was on medications that wouldn’t do anything like that,” Ariel said. “It was really difficult for me. Now that I’ve changed medications to be on something different. It’s nice because I go to the gym and I can see results. I feel healthier.”

Ariel Winter Goes to the Gym

As for how the Los Angeles native keeps in tip-top shape? Ariel’s workout is quite varied! From “tennis” to “softball,” she admitted that she’s “open to way more things,” than she used to be. Of course, Ariel is all about sharing her journey on Instagram, including inside her gym sessions with personal trainer to the stars Mack — a.k.a. Mackfit

“You’re doing incredible, Ariel!” one fan gushed on her most recent October 16 post. “You look fabulous! Hard work pays off, girl,” added another. “You’re such an inspiration!” a third user chimed in, while a fourth echoed, “Work it, Ariel! You’re so strong.”

Our sentiments exactly. Keep thriving, Ariel.

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