Just because Ashley Graham is best known for her modeling career, doesn’t mean that’s her only form of income. In fact, the Nebraska native, 31, has quite the resumé. So much so, that all of her successful business ventures have led to a staggering $10 million net worth. With that, we decided to break down exactly how the mama-to-be makes her money.

Ashey Graham Promoting Her Book, Ashley Graham's Net Worth
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If you’re unfamiliar with Ashley’s modeling work, there’s a strong chance you’ve seen her on TV. She was a judge on America’s Next Top Model for two cycles (23 and 24), as well as the host and executive producer of Lifetime’s American Beauty Star.

Book sales

In 2017, Ashley penned a book titled, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like. In the empowering text, she details the many ways in which society and the industry that made her famous have affected her life.

“The thing about a woman’s size is that it changes, and I don’t mean through diet or age or anything like that. Our shape depends on our perceptions of ourselves and, unfortunately, on that of others who feel entitled to ‘weigh-in’ with their opinions on other people’s bodies,” Ashley wrote. “I’ve been told that I’m not big enough to be a voice for curvy women. I’ve also been told that because I make ‘fat look cool,’ I’m going ‘to kill somebody.’”

Ashley’s book continues to be a top-seller and she’s even hinted at writing another. Here’s hoping!

Ashley Graham Attends an America's Next Top Model Event, Ashley Graham Net Worth
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Brand deals

Nowadays, it’s pretty common for A-listers like Ashley to link up with brands on social media for advertisements. For example, she and husband Justin Ervin went on a babymoon to Big Sur, California. In exchange for the luxe trip, she posted an ad for booking.com on her feed.

On a larger scale, Ashley also has her own line of swimsuits with Swimsuits for All. Given that the swimwear line is all about body inclusivity, it’s no surprise that Ashley chose to pair with them.

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