Ashley Tisdale has a baby on the way! The High School Musical actress is pregnant with her second child with her husband, Christopher French.

The couple announced the news in an Instagram post, showing off Ashley’s baby bump on Tuesday, March 26. “We can’t wait to meet you,” the caption of the post read. Fans and friends quickly flooded the comments section with warm wishes for the pair.

Ashley, 38, first became a mom in March 2021 when she welcomed her first child, daughter Jupiter Iris French. She opened up about giving birth in an Instagram post shortly after.

“When they say it takes a village it truly does,” the Frenshe founder wrote. “I had an amazing labor experience, of course there was pain but I set my intentions that morning and it was exactly how I wanted Jupiter to enter the world. Calm, peaceful, letting go of fear and being super present.”

Two years later, she pointed out just how much her little one takes after her.

“I think she’s had my personality since she was born,” the Disney alum told People in February 2023.

“She definitely looks like my husband, but definitely is my personality,” she added. “Just her expressions and just how she says things and it’s just those little tiny things because at first I’m like, ‘Gosh, she doesn’t look anything like me.'”

Ashley Tisdale pregnant
Courtesy of Ashley Tisdale/Instagram

During her first pregnancy, Ashley explained why she decided not to switch up much about her health and wellness routine.

“I haven’t changed anything crazy,” she shared with People in December 2020. “I would say that I try to be eating the healthiest when I can, but there’s gonna be moments where I obviously crave stuff that’s not always the healthiest meal, but I’m allowing myself to be OK.”

“When I say that, it’s because I usually am on a strict diet of no carbs and all these veggies and grains,” she added. “So yeah, if I want a gluten-free bagel, I allow myself to have a gluten-free bagel! I let my body speak to what I need. I feel like if I’m craving something, there’s a reason I’m craving steak that night. I am in tune with my body. I try to keep up with my workouts because that’s so helpful, and just try to be well-rounded.”