Beauty Director Caitlin Kiernan is officially on “at home beauty duty” and here to help with any hair hiccups you could experience during the time of DIY beauty. She’s dishing on the secret weapons you’ll need to ensure that any hair touchup is virtually impossible to botch.

Caitlin swears by Color Oops Extra strength hair color remover for a quick fix and Satin Hair Color as the only dye to trust after fixing a hair mishap. Watch her at home hair fixes ASAP!


Here are the products Caitlin recommends for fixing those colors gone wrong.


Color Oops – Extra Strength. Available at Walmart

Product Hero View_Extra Strength0001


Satin Hair Color – 4N Brown Castaño. Available at Amazon

Satin Brown

Satin Hair Color – Developer 20 Volume – 6 oz. Available on Amazon.