Play is important for children, and it’s unfortunate that some toys — including slides and swings — are made with toxic compounds. However, there’s nothing like turning lemons into lemonade … which is what Abe Gitler did in March 2020, when he began manufacturing sustainable playground equipment.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEO of Avenlur, a sustainable playground equipment company, was running his business while his wife was working as a nurse, with their kids staying home binging every Netflix show on the planet. This sparked an idea which ultimately led to a huge success for the company.

Creating Sustainable Playgrounds

Gitler started to bring some products overseas, which he believed would be helpful for everyone trying to adjust to being at home more than usual. They manufactured outdoor patio heaters and imported thousands of above-ground swimming pools. Once they saw the demand for these new at-home products, Gitler evolved to manufacturing quality indoor wooden climbers. Since all preschools, parks and other recreational spaces were closed due to COVID-19, it was an opportunity to help and spark change.

“If my kids could benefit from having an indoor healthy entertainment center, many kids around the country would as well,” Gitler said. “In addition, it would help us parents who were still having to work during this time.”

Avenlur combines activity and mental development to create the perfect collection of indoor playgrounds, gyms and more, so kids can do it all at home. Although COVID-19 inspired the idea, Gitler realized there was a serious gap in this indoor playground space all around that they could fill.

What makes playground equipment eco-friendly?

Avenlur sustainable playgrounds and products do not include body-harming plastic compounds, making them extremely environmentally friendly. The company sees the importance of impacting the environment in a positive way, while making sure kids have fun and stay safe in the process. They have a variety of indoor, indoor and outdoor combination units, as well as foldable climbers for small spaces — something for every family!

They steer away from the original plastic indoor playgrounds with chemicals but also the bright and distracting colors that come with them. This maintains a clean and sleek aesthetic throughout the home.

Although children outgrow other indoor playgrounds quickly, Avenlur’s slides and gyms are built to last a child for years. The “slides and gyms accommodate the weights and sizes of many children, and will constantly encourage them to get moving and get creative,” as stated in Avenlur’s mission statement.

You can purchase Avenlur’s products on their website here.

This article originally appeared on our sister site Us Weekly.