So, this is awk. The Bachelor star Bekah Martinez was reported missing on Nov. 18 by her mother, who told the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office that her daughter had gone to work on a marijuana farm in the area. “(The mother) had phone contact with Bekah via a friend on the 12th,” said Public Information Officer Samantha Karges. “Bekah had told her she was coming to Humboldt County to work on a marijuana farm and she wouldn’t be able to contact her for a week or so.”

It wasn’t until the North Coast Journal included the 22-year-old beauty in a cover story featuring images of 35 other missing people in the area that someone put the puzzle together. Not only was Bekah was most certainly alive and well — she had also been spotted by Bachelor Nation every Monday night on the hit dating show! Luckily, Bekah has a sense of humor about it.

“Honestly the scariest thing about this story is that my efforts to conceal The Worst Drivers License Photo Of All Time have been thwarted,” she tweeted on Feb. 2. LOL. You have to admit, the girl’s got jokes.

Amy Bonner O’Brien of Trinidad was the first to respond to the Facebook post and identified Bekah as a contestant on this year’s current season. “My sister always calls me Sherlock Holmes,” Amy said. “I was just scrolling through the 35 missing people and I recognized some of them from news stories. When I got to her, I was like wait a minute, she looks so familiar, and I instantly thought of The Bachelor.” Although she admitted she’s not a dedicated fan, she just happened to turn on the show while visiting her sister.

The North Coast Journal reached out to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, who contacted Bekah over the phone and immediately removed her name from the missing person’s list. Go, Amy! The sheriff’s department should hire you as their new detective.

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People think Bekah is #Twinning with Courtney Robertson! See the pics by watching the video below.