Daisy Kent may be a reality TV rookie during her Bachelor season 28 debut, but she is no stranger to the cameras. Before joining Bachelor Nation, the Minnesota native starred in a 2021 music video that shared a message that doesn’t align with her wholesome image on the dating show.

“Why is no one talking about this???????? Daisy Kent from The Bachelor,” the text read over a clip of the music video posted by a TikTok user earlier this month.

Daisy, 25, was featured on Abe$ song “Sundown” three years ago and ​the music video can be viewed on TikTok. The production of the video was simple as Daisy sang and her collaborator rapped in a basement party-like setting. The project was set in dim blue light and smoke, giving off late-night euphoric vibes. As for wardrobe, Daisy wore a crop top and sweatsuit set and also threw on a plaid bucket hat for a few frames.

The lyrics to the song were eyebrow-raising, although the ABC star’s part of the song wasn’t explicit.

“I heard you’ve been around my way. Thinkin’ ‘bout it every damn day. What you wanna do with me now?” she sings. “Think you’ve got to figure it out. I’ve been trying to see you through. Baby, I’m in love with you. I think we gotta work it out. I’m hurt you’re not around.”


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While Daisy’s lyrics sounded like a typical breakup song, her collaborator’s part stunned fans on social media.

“I think I’m better and I don’t give a f–k now,” Abe$ raps. “Said you can lick on my sack. Suck my nuts now.”

Some TikTok users shared their highest shock level in the post’s comments section.

“This is Christmas tree farm hallmark movie hot chocolate drinking Santa Claus is coming to town Daisy????? I’m FLOORED lol,” one person wrote as another fan commented, “whatdidhesayyyy [sic]”

However, a handful of Daisy’s supporters gave their ​thumbs up for her vocals.

“She sounds good,” one person wrote, leading the creator of the TikTok video to respond, “She actually has a gorg voice, I hate that this has am autotune.”

Daisy has yet to address the resurfacing of the music video.

Bachelor’s Daisy Kent’s Music Video Sundown Resurfaces: Reactions
@danivvv/ TikTok

Fans are currently watching Daisy’s journey on The Bachelor as she made it to Joey Graziadei’s final two women alongside Kelsey Anderson. During fantasy suites, Daisy told the tennis pro that she was “falling in love” with him, and her feelings were reciprocated.

Viewers will find out if Daisy will receive Joey’s final rose (and Neil Lane diamond engagement ring) during the three-hour season 28 finale on ABC Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m.