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See What Your Favorite (& Baddest!) ‘Bad Girls Club’ Stars Are up to Today

It didn't take long for any of the cast members on Bad Girls Club to make an impression, but if we're being honest, some of the women made more of a lasting imprint than others — for better or worse. While many of the gals have turned their wicked ways around and are now, well, former bad girls, there's no denying that some of the things they've done in the past will stay with them forever.

The infamous Natalie Nunn from Season 4 is now a mommy to baby girl Journey Payne, and while seeing her little girl walking gets her more hype than chucking drinks at other girls now, there's still a naughty side to her. In an interview with WE tv, she admitted, "there’s still some bad girl in me, just depends on the situation. I don’t sit around and argue with girls on Bad Girls Club anymore … but girls do flirt with [my husband] Jacob [Payne] and that could bring out some inner bad girl in me."

Though she's moved on for the most part, the 32-year-old did stay in touch with some of her former co-stars. "The only Bad Girl I have brought into the next chapter of my life is Kristen [Guinane], aka “Blondie,” Lea Lorraine, and Morgan [Osman]. I still talk to Flo [Florina Kaja] — we have moved forward since our last run-in and things are cool now!"

Plenty of the Bad Girls are now moms, business women, and TV hosts, and we've loved seeing them blossom from drama queens and HBICs to respectable members of society. We'd like to think Oxygen gave them an outlet to get their badness out of their system and reform.

Wondering what some of your favorite Bad Girls Club ladies are up to now? Scroll down to see, Natalie, Tanisha Thomas, Morgan Osman, and more of the Oxygen stars today!