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Never, Ever Follow These 9 Skincare and Makeup Tips From Beauty Gurus

You used to have to visit salons, read magazines, or consult friends if you wanted beauty advice. Now, you just have to fire up YouTube, where makeup and skincare tutorials have racked up millions (if not billions) of views.

As with life advice, however, not everything you hear is worth following, and a recent reddit thread proves just that. A redditor started up a discussion on Dec. 18, asking, “What’s the worst makeup/skincare advice or tip you’ve heard a beauty guru give?”

And wow, did commenters respond! A lot of them called out those who recommend relying on SPF foundation for protection from the sun, for example (“Most of us would need to reapply that SPF foundation at least five to ten times a day to get the SPF coverage stated on that packaging,” reports HuffPost). Others decried "experts" who say lemon juice can be used for skincare (“The oils in citrus fruits are phototoxic, meaning they can cause blistering rashes and burns on your skin if you’re exposed to the sun after applying them,” says Stylecaster).

But those aren’t the only tips getting some serious side-eye. See others below, and have your cold cream at the ready!