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Violet Affleck Through the Years: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Beautiful Eldest Child in Photos

Violet Affleck is the pride and joy of her actress mom, Jennifer Garner, and actor dad, Ben Affleck. She’s always been a studious child and teen, and yet looks so much like her stunning mother that fans have made comparisons to Jen for years as Violet has grown up.

Ben and Jen’s eldest child was born on December 1, 2005, arriving six months after her parents wed in a Caribbean beachside ceremony on June 29, 2005. She is named Violet in honor of Jennifer’s great-grandmother and shares her middle name, Anne, with her movie star mom.

Violet has always been any parents’ dream child. She’s incredibly well-behaved, highly studious and still so loving and affectionate with Ben and Jen.

“She’s always been a very good student, and she’s been interested in Spanish, and so I would often help her,” Ben revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show in March 2020. “Now, all of a sudden, she’s gotten into the grade where she’s, like, in the harder Spanish classes and she’s getting better.”

He added, “She’s right at the point where I think she might be passing me,” and Ben wasn’t about to let that occur.

“I was like, ‘Nope. This is not happening,’” he laughed. “I don’t mind that I can’t do your math homework when you’re 14 years old, but you are not going to be better at Spanish than me. So, I’ve decided now I gotta take classes; I gotta do something to keep up.”

Fortunately, Ben and Jen — who split in 2015 — haven’t had to worry about boys yet when it comes to their gorgeous teenage daughter. “All I know is she’s on Zoom school, she goes to an all-girls school — we haven’t had to deal with that yet,” Jen revealed to Hoda Kotb on the Today Show on December 1, 2020, which also was Violet’s milestone 15th birthday. Jennifer revealed she was “full of all the feels today — my daughter’s birthday! It’s more than I can handle!”

Jennifer and Violet have always been particularly close, as not only do they look alike, but they also both are often seen glued at the hip. The Yes Day actress has always been there encouraging Violet’s academic endeavors, as well as just being each other’s best pals.

The teen also has a precious bond with her stepmother, Jennifer Lopez, ever since her dad wed the superstar in July 2022. After the couple said “I Do” during a private Las Vegas wedding ceremony, the joint family embarked on a European summer, in which Violet and J. Lo’s close relationship was highlighted in pictures obtained by Life & Style. The step-mother-daughter duo also loves to enjoy a little retail therapy together. 

Click below for photos of Violet Affleck through the years.