A sight for sore eyes! People are going nuts over a new viral video of Bill Clinton watching Ariana Grande perform “Natural Woman” on Aug. 31. Many are calling out the former president for gazing at her like she’s a “whole snack” as she sang at Aretha Franklin‘s funeral.  

“Bill ready risk it all again lol,” one joked, while another hilariously added their two cents: “I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did!” A third commenter even took it a bit further, writing: “I want my next boyfriend to look at me like Bill looks at her!” However, some did have his back to the fullest, noting how Hillary Clinton was also in attendance at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple. One fired back: “How can you possibly tell where he is looking?” 

Ariana put on an incredible performance, hitting all of Aretha’s iconic notes for the special occasion. Prior to that, the church’s choir sang the hits “Say a Little Prayer” and Aretha’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” before Faith Hill hit the stage with a soulful rendition of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” The Queen of Soul’s golden casket was officially closed on Friday, as friends and family members gathered to say their goodbyes. 

Several viewers also had a bone to pick with the way Bishop Charles H. Ellis III hugged Ari. “This wasn’t a reaction to his joke, it was a reaction to his hand grabbing her breast. Men of the cloth can’t even help themselves at a funeral,” one wrote. This was after he quipped: “When I saw Ariana Grande on the program, I thought that was something new at Taco Bell.”


Credit: Getty Images

Ariana’s vocals were praised by most fans, but of course there were some nay-sayers who also mentioned how her dress was “too short” for a funeral. The songstress still wowed the crowd and she was also joined by her fiancé Pete Davidson. Despite the hilarious memes surfacing about Bill staring at Ariana, the pop star was reportedly seen taking selfies with Hillary inside. We’ve got to hand it to Ari for knocking it out of the park with her performance!