She's not taking this criticism laying down! Blac Chyna faced some backlash on April 25 when she posted an adorable photo of her one-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian wearing pink clip-on pigtails. Fans thought that it wasn't okay for her to be messing with her daughter's hair like that, and she wants all of those naysayers to know that she doesn't give an eff!

“Chyna doesn’t care what anybody thinks about how she styles Dream’s hair," a source close to the model told Life & Style exclusively. "It was cute. Adorable, and Dream loved it. Chyna’s a great mother and would never do anything to hurt Dream or her gorgeous head of hair." We can't help but to see her point. Dream certainly doesn't seem to be anything less than thrilled in the photo her mom posted, which can be seen in the video above. Oddly, though, she did remove the photo.

However, Chyna would happily point the finger at her baby daddy Rob Kardashian for any parent-shaming fans want to do. "That said, if people really want to bash someone she thinks they should bash Rob and his family," explained the source. "Rob’s not exactly father of the year and he’s more of a baby than Dream. Kris does everything for him except change his diaper."

As a matter of fact, Chyna is still holding quite a grudge against all of the Kardashian women, and she's not above taking shots at their parenting skills. "Chyna’s a far better mother than anyone in that family and she’s appalled people are trying to talk sh-t about her instead of them," concluded the insider. The Kardashians have gotten their fair share of flack from fans, be it for the expensive clothes they buy their kids, or Kim letting North West wear makeup. However, we think both the Kardashians and Blac Chyna have the best intentions for their kids. So let's just stop the shaming, shall we?

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