Someone has a green thumb … sort of. Blac Chyna shared a hilarious video of her daughter, Dream Kardashian, accidentally overwatering the family’s plants and flowers. 

At first, Dream seemed to have the hang of it in the Snapchat clip Chyna, 32, posted on Tuesday, May 19. However, after a few seconds, the darling toddler dumped an entire Tupperware full of water on a single plant. 

“Oh, that was a lot!” Chyna, who shares the 3-year-old with ex Rob Kardashian, laughed. Dream wasn’t phased, though, and she continued to do her job. “Mommy’s flowers,” she whispered. “Dreamy’s flowers, too,” the Lashed Cosmetics founder replied.

Dream Kardashian

Chyna and Dream bond over more than just gardening — they also love to exercise together! During an exclusive at-home interview with the longtime reality TV star, Chyna showed off her go-to booty workout while Dream played alongside her. 

On top of staying active as a family, Chyna makes sure Dream and her 7-year-old son, King Cairo, whom she shares with ex Tyga, eat as healthy as possible. “When I was younger, before I had both my babies, I was able to eat whatever I wanted to … I did not care,” Chyna explained to Life & Style.

“After I had Kingy, I started to be more health-conscious,” she recalled. “Then, after Dream, I felt as though I gained so much weight with my babies, I needed to honestly get on my health tip so I could be around for them when they get older and to show them better eating habits.”

Some of the kids’ favorite snacks include bell peppers, feta cheese, strawberries, seedless grapes, raw veggies and almond milk. “I’m really big on water, especially King, he’s super into it,” Chyna added. “Dreamy, not so much. I’m getting her more into it.”

The former Rob & Chyna star assured drinking lots of water leads to “super clear skin” and she encourages everyone in life to follow her intake routine. 

Such a knowledgeable mama!

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