It’s here! The Voice Season 15 premiered on Monday, Sept. 24, and things are already getting heated in those red chairs. As you may know, The Voice recently introduced a new block button feature that allows coaches to really fight for the contestants they want on their team. So how does the block button work on The Voice? And what exactly does it mean?

Well, each judge has one block that they can use per season, and it basically prevents a coach from adding a new contestant to their team. “We haven’t ever really had a defensive move or an offensive-defensive move, so we came up with the block,” Audrey Morrissey, executive producer of The Voice, explained. “It really sort of speaks to the real competition.” The coach who ends up “blocked” only finds out they’re “blocked” after turning around —and if the coach doesn’t press their button, then the block can still be used later on. 

Welp, it looks like Jennifer Hudson was the first victim of the block this season. When she tried to turn her chair around to get contestant Radha on her team, Adam Levine decided to cut out JHud from the competition. “It’s a game, you gotta play it!” Adam Levine joked after the former American Idol winner realized she was blocked.

Radha ended up picking Adam, so it looks like blocking JHud was a strategic move for the Maroon 5 singer. “That was dirty… I would like you to know she was gonna pick you,” Adam told Jennifer after the performance. Of course, it was all in good fun as the coaches took to Twitter to laugh about it afterwards. 

“I really am sorry @IAMJHUD you know I love you. I just needed this one, okay? we good?” Adam tweeted, to which Jennifer replied, “.@adamlevine yeah, we cool. But the season isn’t over yet, so you better watch out  #VoicePremiere.” 

Amen to that! Who will get blocked next?!