Keeping it real! Brittany Cartwright gave her followers an honest update on how she’s doing after giving birth to her son, Cruz, whom she shares with husband Jax Taylor.

“A little over five weeks postpartum, feeling good, got a long way to go, can’t wait until I can work out at six weeks … but starting to feel like myself again, not so sore, and just loving my baby,” the Vanderpump Rules alum, 32, detailed in a Thursday, May 20, Instagram Story.

Brittany Cartwright Reveals the 'Craziest Things' About Postpartum Life After Welcoming Son Cruz
Courtesy of Brittany Cartwright/Instagram (2)

“So, I think some of the craziest things about postpartum, for me, has been just how long you bleed and how long you’re sore for,” Brittany continued in a follow-up Story. “Sorry if this is TMI for some of you! I know there’s a lot of new moms out there or a lot of pregnant moms who are following me and you know, it’s just been a learning experience.”

The Kentucky native went on to assure her fans that while this is the “happiest” time of her life, giving birth comes with a lot of challenges. “Nobody talks about what your body goes through, and it is very hard on your body,” Brittany said. “I didn’t realize how sore I was going to be or how long I was going to need to be in those ugly diapers and pads.”

To conclude, Brittany snuggled up with Cruz and gushed, “Hang in there, new mommas, you got this! Nobody talks about these things … but you’re definitely going to go through them but it’s all worth it because these cuddles are the best things ever.”

On April 13, Jax, 41, and Brittany, who tied the knot in June 2019, shared their joyous news on social media. “Yesterday, April 12th at 1:51 p.m., our lives changed forever in the absolute best way possible,” the proud parents wrote via Instagram. “Our beautiful son, Cruz Michael Cauchi, was born and we have never been more in love. He is the most precious gift, and I am so blessed to be his mommy. We are so, so happy, he is a dream come true!! Both mommy and baby are doing great!”

In a separate emotional post, Jax wrote, “I don’t think I have ever been as happy as I am right now, everything else in life seems so insignificant now. I am crying just writing this message. I have the most beautiful son a man could ask for, he’s an absolute blessing from God. I just want to say how absolutely amazing my wife has been through this whole process, it has not been an easy pregnancy for her, but she did an absolute amazing job all the way till the end.”