He's doing okay! Fans were worried sick about Whitney Thore's roommate and best friend Buddy Bell after he mysteriously went missing during this season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. On this week's episode, we finally figured out what was wrong with Buddy after Whitney learned from a mutual friend that Buddy had been struggling with a cocaine addiction for quite some time. But Buddy knew his drug problem was getting worse, so he decided to seek treatment at a rehab facility and he took to Instagram to give fans an update on his health.

"My secret’s out! I was one week clean in this picture. At the time that seemed like an impossible task and I was obviously still riding that pink cloud," he wrote in the caption. "I’ll be [seven] months clean and sober (not even a cigarette!) this Friday. Thanks for all the love and support. Thanks, Phil, Jeanette, Mom, Dad and all my dearest friends. I’ve met so many great people in recovery. When I was using I didn’t think I would ever be able to live without drugs again. Sobriety is possible if you’re struggling. Go get some help. There’s no shame in it and YOU’RE NOT WEAK! Addiction is serious s–t! I love you."

Fans flooded the comments with well wishes, congratulating him on his sobriety, and many of them told Buddy that they hoped he would get back together with his ex-girlfriend Heather Sykes. Even though Heather didn't reveal any details about the status of her relationship with Buddy, she still wrote a very touching tribute to him on Instagram shortly after the episode aired.


"No matter where this crazy journey called life ends up taking [Buddy] and me, I will ALWAYS remain immensely grateful for his impact on my life and even more proud of him as the amazing (his favorite word) person that he is," she wrote. "I’m proud of the progress he’s made in his recovery and I’m proud of the strength he has to share his story with the world."