Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie XO received an emotional message from her late ex-boyfriend, Tony, through psychic medium Tyler Henry.

“The way I want to word this, if there’s anybody who has passed, who loved you a hell of a lot, and you maybe could’ve seen a romantic future, but it wasn’t the right time or the right place,” Tyler, 28, told Bunnie, 44, during the Wednesday, May 8, episode of her podcast “Dumb Blonde.”

Bunnie replied, “Probably my ex Tony.”

“I think that guy wants you to know how proud he is,” Tyler continued, “and, when he comes across, acknowledges an awareness and existence in your relationship and that you deserved more than he was able to give at that time.”

Bunnie then went on to give fans more details about her relationship with Tony.

“Tony was my ex and I was pregnant with his child and I lost his baby, but we were young. When I ran away from home, he was my boyfriend, like my protector, and he actually always loved me,” the popular internet personality explained.

She added that Tony “had smoked fake weed and it sent him into cardiac arrest, and he died.” Bunnie said that while Tony didn’t “die automatically” but that he “went into a coma” and passed away later.

“I went to go see him,” Bunnie said. “I remember I held his hand and when I held his hand, I could see him standing, looking at me in the corner of the room. I even looked at my ex Frankie, at the time, and I went, ‘He’s dead. He’s not coming back; he’s in the corner of the room right now looking at us.’”

Bunnie XO Receives Message From Late Ex Through Medium
Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

The podcast gave fans more context in some text added to the video that read, “My ex [that] I lost 15 years ago came thru when Tyler was channeling, and watch my face when I realize how he confirmed I saw him on his deathbed. For everyone saying Tyler isn’t real, you can’t Google this or the details. I was shook.”

Tyler first garnered fame from the E! Entertainment series Hollywood Medium and has conducted readings for several celebrities including Rebel Wilson, Lizzo and Sofia Vergara. In March 2022, he starred in the Netflix series Life After Death for one season.

However, Tyler wasn’t the first psychic medium to make an appearance on Bunnie’s podcast. In October 2023, Bunnie welcomed Aimee Balesky onto the show. During the episode, Aimee helped Bunnie learn how to feel her own aura.