In case there was any doubt, reality star Cameron from Ex on the Beach confirmed he was single as he went on the show to haunt exes Taylor Selfridge and Stanley McIntee. In an MTV clip, Cameron Kolbo said he had long since ditched Mikala Thomas, his "Perfect Match" from Season 4 of Are You the One? "Me and my perfect match do not talk, at all," he revealed in the video. "We broke up years ago. That's really it." From what we've read about the breakup, however, it sounds pretty dramatic…

Mikala and Cameron — or Mikameron, for short — were actually the earliest confirmed Perfect Match in Are You the One history at the time. They even moved in together after the cameras stopped rolling. But it was all over by January 2017, five months after the Season 4 finale aired. (And their reprise appearance on Are You the One: Second Chances was likely filmed before that breakup.)

"For those of you who are wondering, Mik and I are no longer together," Cam wrote on Instagram at the time. "Out of respect for her, I hope everyone can just leave it at that. Despite this being the end of us, I truly do hope the best for her. I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone out there, but things change, people change, that's life."

That all sounds very deferential, right? But Mikala seemed to have a lot more to say about the split. True, she didn't mention Cameron by name, but check out this Instagram caption she posted around the same time: "One day you're going to remember me refusing to give up on you, my kindness to a fault, and loving you so hard that you literally asked me to stop. And I'm going to remember the ultimatums, broken promises, and the names you let him call me … If I treated you the way you treated me, you would hate me."

Yikes. Perhaps in an effort to distract us from this Mikameron drama, Cam is trying to become a YouTube star — posting videos of himself wrestling in a Target, snorting beer, breaking into a mansion, and rapping diss tracks. So far, this 27-year-old from Hattiesburg, MS, only has 1,700 subscribers or so. He's more popular on Instagram, though, with more than 98,000 followers to his name. And Ex on the Beach has to be good publicity… assuming, of course, he doesn't burn anyone like he apparently burned Mikala!