Cara Delevingne’s $7 million Studio City home burned down in the early hours of Friday, March 15. The supermodel gave fans an update on her and her pets’ well-being hours after her house was destroyed.

“My heart is broken today … I cannot believe it. Life can change in a blink of an eye. So cherish what you have,” Cara, 31, wrote via Instagram Stories alongside a photo of her two Devon Rex cats. The Suicide Squad actress later shared a video of the firetrucks that piled on her street as they attempted to control the fire.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the firefighters and people that have showed up to help …” Cara wrote in a follow-up post, before confirming that her cats made it out of the tragic situation alive.

Before Cara broke her silence, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Nicholas Prange revealed that the fire started in the back of the property upon arrival.

“Firefighters arrived to find a 6,650-square-foot two-story home built in 1971, with heavy fire in the rear, which consumed one room in the rear and developed into a deep-seated attic fire,” Prange said in a statement. “Crews confirmed all occupants were out of the home, and then pulled back into defensive mode due to the long duration of heavy fire exposing the structural members.”

Cara Delevingne Breaks Silence After Home Burned Down
Getty, Cara Delevingne/ Instagram

According to officials, it took a total of 94 firefighters to contain the fire; a task that took an estimated 2 hours and 16 minutes to assess.

“The house subsequently sustained a roof collapse, as firefighters continued to apply hose streams from the exterior,” Prange continued. “One firefighter was transported in fair condition, and one occupant sustained minor smoke inhalation.”

In 2021, Cara opened up her Los Angeles abode to fans and gave them a charismatic house tour during an interview with Architectural Digest. The stunning 1970s home featured colorful pieces of furniture, including her yellow dining room seats and purple walls. Each room had a different vibe, although the home was cohesive as a whole. Architect Nicolò Bini helped Cara renovate the beautifully classic home and turned it into the most lavish funhouse.

“Cara is a creature of pure delight. This place is her ultimate expression of home — a Cara-style fantasy filled with references to the many things that turn her on,” Nicolò told the outlet at the time.

The estate featured a poker room, vagina tunnel, ball pit and massive outdoor pool.

“I love games — charades, beer pong, poker, Cards Against Humanity, tug-of-war, whatever feels fun. When my friends come over, the house turns into an obstacle course. It’s like an indoor/outdoor playground by way of Alice in Wonderland,” Cara explained to the publication. “If I’m having a bad day, I just hop in the ball pit. You can’t really cry in a ball pit.”