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11 Celebrity Birthing Stories That’ll Have You Cringing Away From the Computer

Celebrities make pretty much everything glamorous. But there’s one experience that even they can’t always make flawless, and that’s child birth. Yep, despite all their money and red carpet gowns and secret star resources, even they have to give birth pretty much the same way as the rest of us, and that comes with all the weirdness, grossness, and pain you can imagine. And, probably for some of them, poop

Though no celebrity (that we know of) has yet been honest about whether or not they’ve pooped during labor, there was at least one celeb daring enough to ask the question, and that was Snooki. Back in 2012, when Snooki was on an episode of Live! With Kelly, she decided to ask the main pregnancy question that matters: “Did you poop?” Snooki asked Kelly Ripa who, rudely to all the curious viewers, one-day moms, and already-moms who did poop on the table, refused to answer in a straightforward way. “I have never pooped ever,” Kelly joked instead.

While other celebs haven’t come forward on that front, they have been pretty open — and occasionally a little too open — about their own birthing experiences, and some of them are cringe-worthy AF. Like Mayim Bialik, who invited a surprising guest into her birthing room. Or Beyoncé, who claims that Blue Ivy was the one actually doing the work. Or Kate Hudson, whose famous mom decided to make a weird experience even weirder.

“I called my mom to tell her I [was] in the hospital and in labor,” Kate explained on Ellen. “And she was like OK, well how much time do I have because I was going to take a swim… It really was a Woody Allen film!”

Yikes. But without celebs and their cringey birthing stories, we wouldn’t have one of our favorite things: celebrity babies. In the end, we guess it’s all worth it.

Flip through the gallery to check out some totally gross, seriously painful sounding, or just out-of-this-world weird stories about celebrities giving birth.