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Celebrities Who Admitted to Having Sugar Daddies in the Past: Actors, Reality TV Stars, More

Many celebrities have admitted that they once had sugar daddies in the past, from reality TV A-listers to famous actors. After they climbed the ladder of fame, most stars earned their own wealth and luxurious lifestyle without the help from a sugar daddy. 

Selling Sunset alum Christine Quinn opened up in her book, How to Be a Boss B*tch, about a former partner who showered her with lavish gifts. 

“There’s no shame in that game,” she wrote, referring to being with a sugar daddy. “At the end of the day, it’s two consensual adults. I was 21 and he was 40. He was the most gorgeous, worldly, handsome man I had ever seen at the time, so I was immediately drawn to him; we had this amazing chemistry.”

Apart from being “physically attracted to him,” the real estate broker noted that she had a strong “mental connection” with the man she called “Mr. V.” However, Christine later realized that her sugar daddy was trying to control her.  

“The biggest mistake that I ever made was quitting my job. I wish I wouldn’t have done that,” she admitted. “But I quit my job for him, and by doing so, I lost my power. He basically wanted me to be a housewife, and I didn’t want that life. So, I chose to walk away.”

After Christine was gifted with a car and “beautiful gifts,” she revealed that her sugar daddy was upset with her for eating McDonald’s in the Bentley he gave her. 

“That was a trigger point to me because it’s a very violating feeling to realize that someone is tracking you or stalking you or invading your privacy,” she concluded. “I had never experienced that before. It was just a form of control, and I don’t think it was meant to be really malicious per se, but it made me really value freedom and independence, and made me realize I have to make my own kingdom first, then my king will come.”

Aside from the former Netflix personality, Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry admitted to having a sugar daddy at one point. 

“Having a sugar daddy is kind of like dating except you’re dating for different reasons because they are providing something for you, so you’re dating based off of what they’re providing for you,” the HBO star said during an April 2022 appearance on the “Viall Files” podcast. “I will never again accept a guy that doesn’t want to at least try to take care of me in some way or be chivalrous in some way. Why would I accept that when I know it is out there? I know there are people out there that want to treat me really well.”

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