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Celebrities Who Have Refused to Go Naked for the Camera: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, More

Many celebrities refuse to perform nude scenes on camera. While some stars in Hollywood aren’t afraid to get naked in movies or TV shows, others have strict no-nudity clauses in their contracts.

One actress that may surprise some fans is Megan Fox! The A-lister has played several sexy roles throughout her career — such as Jennifer Check in Jennifer’s Body — but she has a major rule when it comes to showing skin. 

“There are just certain things boys should never see their mothers do,” Megan said in a 2016 interview with The Mirror, referring to her sons Bodhi, Noah and Journey, whom she shares with ex-husband Brian Austin Green. “There are some good projects I’ve read that are with talented people, talented directors, but the things the women are required to do in the movie are things I can’t have my sons ever know or see.” 

“I was offered a project that’s coming out on HBO that centers around the life of a prostitute, and it has very graphic sex scenes — things you would see in a pornographic film — and those are things that are degrading to the woman who’s playing the character,” the Teen Choice Award winner recalled.

Another Hollywood icon who previously refused to strip down is Blake Lively

“I know that if I am watching a scene and someone has their boobs out, then that’s all I’m looking at,” the Simple Favor actress told the Daily Mail in August 2012. “I can’t help it. I just don’t think that will ever be right for me.” 

Nevertheless, Blake broke her no-nudity rule when she portrayed her main role in All I See Is You, which required her to perform some racy scenes. 

Perhaps one of the most surprising faces to reveal their aversion to naked scenes is Sex And the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, who explained during a November 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she has the clause in her contract. Although the famous franchise is known for its sexy elements, Sarah has stood her ground against doing her own nude moments on screen. 

“I don’t have any judgment about anyone who chooses to do it,” she explained at the time. “I think it’s fantastic that people feel comfortable doing it.” 

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