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Celebrities Who Are Self-Aware Enough to Admit That, Yep, They’re Douchebags

Sure, there are plenty of celebrities that seem like douchebags, but they're purely assumptions. Maybe it's how they act in interviews or how they dumped their exes, but whatever the case, there's just something about them that makes our jerk-dar go off. But hey, just because it's Hollywood doesn't mean we're going to go on a witch hunt. We would never throw accusations of prick-dom at just anyone. That's why we decided to set our sights on celebs who've actually admitted to being, well, slightly toolish. We have to say — we appreciate their honesty.

One star who's been called a douche for most of his career is Kanye West. After snatching the mic from Taylor Swift in that infamous moment at the VMAs, he was enemy No. 1 for many fans. At first, Kanye didn't immediately own up to his behavior. In fact, he continued telling the world through his music that he was the best thing ever, a literal "God." And in 2010, Kanye finally admitted that, yep, he's kind of a douche. In his song "Runaway," which he appropriately performed at the VMAs, he said, "Toast for the douchebags, toast for the a–holes, toast for the scumbags, every one of them that I know." And while that admission made it sound like he was teasing his critics, he later had more to say about his infamous reputation. In a 2016 interview, he showed a surprising amount of self-awareness when he admitted that his "douchebaggery" can sometimes hurt people and situations.

And it's not just Kanye. Other celebs have also come clean that they're either jerks or former jerks who want to own up to their past behavior. All the honesty is super refreshing. Below, nine stars who have gone on the record with their douchebaggery.