Honesty hour. Bachelor in Paradise alum Chad Johnson is “35 days sober” after “every problem” in his life was “caused by alcohol,” he revealed in a February 3 Instagram post. The reality star, who has also appeared on Ex on the Beach and The Bachelorette, gave an intimate look into his life and why he put down the bottle.

“Now, maybe my story isn’t typical, but I’m not sure. It’s not like I drank [every day] or had an issue every single time that I drank. But, every problem I’ve ever had in my life was caused by drinking,” the 32-year-old began in a candid caption.

Bachelor Nation Alum Chad Johnson Sober
Courtesy of Chad Johnson Instagram

Chad explained a reckless pattern where he would “go a couple [of] weeks without drinking” until he became “confident” in being able to stay in control while partying. “I’d end up having a [two to three] day bender that I convinced myself was OK until I hated myself at the end of it,” the Oklahoma native wrote.

He added that being a business owner on his “own time” helped get him caught in the self-destructive cycle. “It was always easy to convince myself that continuing the party for a couple more days would be alright. I’d end up feeling horrible for a week, reset after that, get back in shape for a week or two, and do it all over again,” he noted.

The Bachelor Nation star added that he not only got sober for himself but also because of outside drama. Chad alleged that people have threatened to send videos of him drunk to news outlets or “make stuff up” about him that he knows “didn’t happen.”

“So, not only does me not drinking anymore remove all of the problems in my life that I created for myself, but also this is a big f–k you to everyone that wanted to screw me over when I drank,” Chad wrote.

Since becoming sober, the Famously Single star gushed that he’s in the “best shape” of his life and “looks younger” than he has in years. “I’m healthy, happy, and to everyone that tried to pull one over on me back when I drank, F–K YOU, I’m always in control now,” Chad concluded his lengthy statement.