We see you, Chanel West Coast! The longtime Ridiculousness star, 32, posed for a sexy selfie while rocking an expensive Louis Vuitton bathing suit and matching bucket hat on Tuesday, September 8.

The designer one-piece from the legendary French fashion house retails for $850.00 while the hat costs $620.00. No worries, we’ll handle the quick math for you: Chanel’s entire outfit totals a whopping $1,470.00. Clearly, being on MTV for all these years has paid off … literally!

Chanel West Coast Louis Vuitton Bathing Suit and Matching Bucket Hat
Courtesy of Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles native has been forced to defend her success after fans accused Chanel of growing up with wealthy parents. “Where do people get this idea?” she explained to In Touch in July. “I do not know. Like, I literally grew up, like, really broke, like — modest lifestyle. Both my parents had had good jobs, but, like, we were not rich, by any means.”

Chanel went on to describe her childhood. “I took the MTA bus growing up. I’m very familiar with how to get around all of L.A. on the MTA bus,” the “Sharon Stoned” artist recalled. “Then — my dad’s a New Yorker — [and took] subways everywhere. You know, he wasn’t a rich guy who was taking cabs everywhere. Like, we did a lot of walking and a lot of subways.”

Ultimately, Chanel does her best to block out the haters. “It’s just so funny to me when people make these comments and I’m like, ‘Why, how are you so ignorant and assuming that you know my life’?” she added, before revealing she believes her looks are sometimes to blame for people’s assumptions about her.

“I think, like, I have like this cutesy white girl look so maybe people see me and just … imagine this, like, perfect lifestyle or something, but that’s not how my life was,” Chanel assured. “I grew up with a single mom. Both my parents struggled and yeah, it’s just, it makes me mad when people say that because I take a lot of pride in how hard I’ve worked for what I have.”

You tell ’em, girl!

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