See How Your Favorite Celebrities Are Enjoying Swimsuit Season — Kylie Jenner, Lizzo and More

Are you ready for sunshine, swimming pools, cocktails and swimsuits? Because these A-listers sure are! Your favorite celebrities — including Kylie Jenner, Lizzo, Emily Ratajkowski, Gabrielle Union and many more — wasted no time getting into the summer spirit by rocking some killer bikinis and one-pieces. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some stars opted to skip the beach and have fun from the comfort of their own backyard. Others were able to enjoy the great outdoors while taking necessary safety precautions like social distancing and wearing face masks.  

Remember: In addition to staying protected against COVID-19, it’s crucial to lather on the sunscreen. In fact, according to LaserAway’s Dr. Will Kirby and other top dermatologists, sun exposure is one of the leading causes of wrinkles

Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, Dr. Cynthia Lazzaro recommends wearing a wide-brimmed hat, while Dr. Tejas Desai insists on “never leaving your home” without sunglasses. 

“The bigger, the better!” Dr. Desai assures. “Glasses will protect the delicate, thin skin around your eyes and, as an added bonus, they’ll help prevent you from squinting and developing unsightly crow’s feet wrinkles.”

Aesthetic registered nurse Corey Ordoyne encourages beach-goers to take things a step further and wear a full-face sun shield. “It gives full face coverage and I don’t have to wear sunscreen at all,” Corey explains. “In my opinion, face shields are the best way to get full-face sun protection so you never get wrinkles.”

Once you’ve made sure your skin is safe from harmful rays, it’s time to figure out how to pull off that perfect beachy look. “I do feel like less is more, especially in the summer,” model Iskra Lawrence previously told Life & Style. “I just want like messy hair with some sea salt spray and a swimsuit.”

In addition to offering some seasonal beauty tips and tricks, Iskra, 29, stressed the importance of embracing the skin you’re in. “A lot of people feel insecure about putting on their bikinis or one-pieces, and it’s realizing that that doesn’t matter,” the U.K. native expressed. “It’s all about what you’re doing and what you’re enjoying, and feeling the sand between your toes or the smell of the ocean and thinking about those things rather than any insecurities or body image worries you may have.”

We couldn’t agree more! Scroll through the gallery below to see how your favorite stars are enjoying this swimsuit season.