Talk about a close call! Turns out, Chris Hemsworth — who was the designated photographer at Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ wedding — almost leaked all of the pictures to the public. On Wednesday, April 10, the Australian heartthrob, 35, sat down on the British talk show This Morning to explain his (almost) major snafu.

“I have this old film camera and I get them developed. I’m a regular at this spot and I have [been] for years,” Chris explained. “I was at the wedding and I was one of the few people who was taking photos and they said, ‘Oh where are you going to get them developed?’ I said, ‘Oh it’s fine. I got this little spot and it’s all good.'”

Spoiler alert: It was NOT all good. Basically, “the spot” Chris had frequented for years ended up sending the whopping 216 photos to …. wait for it … the wrong email address. “This girl put it up on her Instagram and said, ‘Hey Chris, I’ve got your photos.’ And someone then told me and I just ended up [getting] ahold of her phone number, her contact and called her up,” the Avengers powerhouse continued.

Chris Hemsworth, Leaked Wedding Photos, Instagram Story

Thankfully, the girl who received the photos, Elvira, “couldn’t have been kinder,” and kept the wedding photos private. “[She] said, ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything with them. They’re safe,'” Chris said. “It was a big relief. There are a lot of different ways that could’ve gone.”

Needless to say, we don’t think Chris will be tasked with the job of wedding photographer anytime soon … or ever again, for that matter. Either way, Miley and Liam had a beautiful, intimate reception and eventually, shared the photos with the world on their own.

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